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Benchmade: Crafting Custom Knives with Threekit

Benchmade just set the bar - again - for incredible customer experience and post-order efficiency with their Custom Knife Program.

Retail - Custom-crafted knives
North America
400+ Employees

Features Used

  • 3D Configurator
  • Advanced Business Rules
  • Real-Time Pricing
  • Manufacturing automation

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For many knife enthusiasts, Benchmade represents the pinnacle of knife craftsmanship, fusing style with substance. 

Now, with Benchmade's latest Custom Knife Program, they have yet again demonstrated how knives can be a personal and important reflection of their owner. 

We were thrilled to watch the incredible customer experience and story that Benchmade Knives rolled out. With Benchmade and Threekit you can now design  a custom Benchmade knife exact to your specifications.

The Experience is Amazing

Starting with the selection of a knife model – and Benchmade doesn't hold back. They offer over 10 stunning models to customize. From the famed Bugout® – the quintessential everyday carry knife – to the exquisite custom single table knife, there's something for everyone.

Once you've settled on a model, it's time to delve into the details. Pick your preferred handle, decide on the blade type, and get ready to witness the magic. 

Thanks to Threekit's industry leading Visual Commerce platform, Benchmade offers an unparalleled buyer experience. Buyers can engage with their knife design in breathtakingly vivid 3D, rotating and examining every minute detail.

Want to see your knife in a different color or material? Or perhaps you want to add a personal touch with an icon or a bit of text? These customizations are not just possible; they're effortless. 

For those who want a bit of inspiration Benchmade introduced an "inspo" feature — a curated list of starting designs — and a "Shuffle" tool that creates random designs, guiding buyers towards their ideal knife.

Buyer Experience

Phase 1


“Shuffle” inspiration & presets act as a starting point

benchmade shuffle inspiration
Phase 2


3D Modular Configurator with custom logo/text engraving, placement and animations.

Phase 3


Share functionality with full configurator specs.

Phase 4

Order & Fulfill

Product specs listed and sent directly to manufacturing upon purchase.

The Perfect Blend of Automation, Efficiency, and HandMade Attention to Detail

Yet, the magic doesn’t stop at the design phase. A crucial facet of the Benchmade and Threekit partnership lies in the seamless post-order processing where Threekit helps pass along the correct information to ensure Benchmade can deliver custom knives, fast. 

Every eCommerce design is efficiently passed on to Benchmade’s top-tier manufacturing facilities. Leveraging precision manufacturing, each knife then receives the human touch – meticulously assembled by hand in Oregon, USA by the expert Benchmade team.

The Future is Bright for Benchmade

Benchmade’s ethos resonates in their commitment: "from our factory to your front door". We at Threekit are deeply privileged and proud to be a chapter in their illustrious story.

In association with one of the world's most trusted and revered knife companies, Benchmade, we invite you to experience this fusion of tradition and innovation firsthand. Begin your custom knife journey today and explore  Benchmade's Custom Collection.

Benchmade’s ethos resonates in their commitment: "from our factory to your front door.”