Connect Your Store to Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Threekit doesn’t quit when customers press “buy.” Here’s how we help fulfill orders.

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Workflow features that drive connection and efficiency

Once your shopper configures the perfect product, it’s your turn to bring it to life. Threekit makes it happen.

Print-ready files

Generate files and send them directly to manufacturing – especially helpful if you use 3D printing to generate customized products.

After your order is created, Threekit automates it into various types of outputs, including:

  • CAD
  • 3D printing
  • Designs for high-resolution printing
  • Designs for dye-sublimation printing for clothing

Part lists and assembly instructions

Automatically produce part lists, assembly instructions and color codes in HTML, PDF or in machine-readable format.

Bill of materials

Generate and send a list of all required materials to create a custom, configured product directly to the manufacturer.

“Request a Quote”

Generate a PDF of a product configuration directly to your sales team to follow up with a quote. This is an essential sales driver for B2B companies without an eCommerce store.

Related Capabilities

Enhance your entire product experience, from design through order fulfillment. 

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Post-Order Workflow Resources

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