Enable Configuration for the Most Complex Products

Bring in more configuration firepower for products that have parametric attributes or infinite customizations.

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Create engaging product experiences that get results

50 %

increase in average order value

42 %

boost in on-site conversions

Add advanced rules and logic to enable infinite configuration.

Lightspeed configuration

For complex products with a high number of configurations, variable and elements, this feature  helps create and manage rules and logic to ensure quality control and real-time visualization. 

Parametric configuration

Add geometric relationships and equation-driven dimensions to create wholly customized products.

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Nested configuration 

Put configurable pieces inside other configurable pieces to create highly complex products.

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Multi-product configuration

Modular or stepped configuration where a user configures one product first, then moves onto a dependent 2nd product.  A good example would be buying a suit that requires configuring a coat first, then the pants and shirt.

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Enhance your entire product experience, from design through order fulfillment. 

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