Top Product Trend Discovery Sites You Should Know About

In the rapidly evolving world of eCommerce product discovery, staying ahead of product trends is crucial for businesses looking to capture consumer interest and drive sales. With the rise of digital platforms, there are numerous resources available to help entrepreneurs and marketers discover the latest product trends. From curated collections to data-driven insights, these platforms offer a wealth of information to inspire and inform your product strategy. Here are the top product trend discovery sites you should know about.

Key Takeaways

  • Trend Hunter is an online community where global members share and inspire the newest trends.
  • Trend Watching is an independent firm that provides insights from professionals around the globe.
  • Springwise offers a newsletter filled with new trend data and ideas from worldwide submissions.
  • Cool Material focuses on discovering men's product trends and consumer goods.
  • Ecomhunt curates trending products daily, providing a constant stream of new product ideas.

Trend Hunter

Trend Hunter is the world’s largest and most popular trend community, driven by a global network of 160,000 members and three million fans. It serves as a source of inspiration for aspiring and curious entrepreneurs. The platform covers a wide array of categories including technology, fashion, lifestyle, design, food and beverage, luxury goods, and eco-friendly products through curated blog posts.

Trend Hunter offers various services such as trend reports, newsletters, and custom research services. However, it's worth noting that the platform primarily publishes new trend information in the form of blog posts, which means it may not always provide hard data about trends, such as monthly search volumes or interest fluctuations over time.


Trend Hunter has an overall rating of 4.0 out of 5, based on over 68 reviews left anonymously by employees. 71% of employees would recommend working at Trend Hunter.

Trend Hunter also provides tiered packages to suit different user needs, with the entry-level plan costing $199 per month. If this service doesn't seem like a great fit, you can explore other alternatives.

Trend Watching

Trend Watching is an independent trend firm that scans the globe for the most promising consumer trends and insights. With a team of professionals in locations like London, New York, São Paulo, Singapore, Sydney, and Lagos, they report on worldwide trends. TrendWatching is a leading resource for consumer trends, insights, and innovations—powered by experienced analysts, AI, and an extensive content platform.

Key Features

  • Global Coverage: Trend Watching has a presence in major cities around the world, ensuring a diverse and comprehensive view of trends.
  • Custom Solutions: They offer tailored services and pricing options to fit the needs of professionals, small teams, and enterprise companies.
  • Extensive Content: The platform is rich with insights and innovations, making it a valuable resource for anyone looking to stay ahead of consumer trends.
Ideal for professionals, small teams, and enterprise companies alike, Trend Watching offers a range of services that can be customized to meet specific needs. However, some reviews mention that the services can be rather costly, which might not work for every team’s budget.


Springwise is a global innovations intelligence platform designed to keep you updated on the latest innovations and intriguing ideas. It features an extensive innovations library where you can read articles on emerging trends, as well as access trend reports, email newsletters, and custom consultancy services. This platform is particularly popular among entrepreneurs, investors, and tech enthusiasts, although it may not be the best resource for fashion, beauty, and other lifestyle trends.

You can explore Springwise’s website and innovation articles for free, and they provide custom quotes for their more hands-on services.

Springwise's articles are crafted by innovators and trend spotters from diverse backgrounds and regions, offering insights into hundreds of potential new trends each week. However, the information is anecdotal, so you might need additional tools like Google Trends to verify data and explore related topics.

Cool Material

Cool Material is a discovery site for men’s product trends and consumer goods. This platform covers the latest in gear, gadgets, watches, style, technology, and gifts for men. It's a go-to blog for those who want to stay updated on the newest trends in men's lifestyle products.

  • Gear
  • Gadgets
  • Watches
  • Style
  • Technology
  • Gifts for men
Cool Material is a men's shopping blog covering the latest in gear, gadgets, watches, style, technology, gifts for men, EDC, and more.


Ecomhunt is a product curation website that adds trending products daily. This platform is designed to help users efficiently hunt for the most popular products, significantly boosting sales conversions. By using Ecomhunt, you can start selling, marketing, and generating revenue within days, rather than spending weeks or months on trial and error.

Key Features

  • Identify trending products: Ecomhunt assists in sourcing and selling major products in main categories and helps find niche products in less-popular categories.
  • Analyze key financials and marketing data: Before committing to a product, Ecomhunt provides information on its origin, the number of stores selling it, and potential profit margins.
  • Easy product research: The platform simplifies the process of finding and researching trending products.
  • Reduces risk: Ecomhunt minimizes the risk associated with committing to new products.
Ecomhunt is a legit way to find winning and popular products online, making it an excellent tool for those just starting in dropshipping.


Uncrate is a popular consumer product blog and magazine that focuses on curated men's products. It offers a daily glimpse into new and interesting products that other entrepreneurs are bringing to the market. This site is a fantastic source for discovering product trends and getting inspired by the latest innovations.

  • Curated men's products
  • Daily updates on new trends
  • Inspiration for entrepreneurs

Design Milk

Design Milk is a go-to resource for creatives and those interested in bold interior design websites. Its “always fresh + never sour” motto is visible in every part of the site, offering a refreshing take on modern design.

Standout Features

  • Comprehensive coverage of contemporary design trends
  • Regular updates with fresh content
  • User-friendly interface

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Fresh and unique content Limited focus on traditional design
Easy to navigate Some content may be too niche
Design Milk is perfect for those who crave innovative and modern design ideas. Its unique approach makes it a standout in the world of interior design websites.


BuzzSumo is a powerful tool for discovering trending content and analyzing its performance across various platforms. It excels in helping users identify what content resonates with audiences.

Key Features

  • Content Discovery: Find the most shared content on social media.
  • Influencer Database: Access a comprehensive list of influencers to amplify your reach.
  • Monitoring: Keep track of brand mentions and relevant keywords.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Excellent influencer database Can be expensive for small businesses
Effective content discovery Limited free features
Robust monitoring tools Complex interface for beginners
BuzzSumo helps us to discover content that works and is popular for us. It works well as a monitoring and analysis tool, making it indispensable for content marketers.


Followerwonk is a powerful tool for discovering influencers and analyzing your social media presence. It allows you to delve into Twitter analytics, helping you find and connect with key influencers in your industry. This tool is essential for anyone looking to enhance their social media strategy.


PSFK is a business intelligence platform that inspires creative professionals as they develop new products, services, and experiences across retail, advertising, and design. It analyzes research-based consumer trends and insights that you can use as a jumping-off point and validation for ecommerce business ideas.

Key Features

  • Industry KPIs: Benchmarks for the most important KPIs in digital marketing, advertising, retail, and ecommerce.
  • Briefings: Client-only email newsletters with analysis and takeaways from the daily news.
  • Analyst Access Program: Exclusive time with the thought leaders who craft our research.
This week's retail innovation newsletter features case studies on sustainable fashion and AI-driven tools, immersive retail experiences, and community-focused initiatives.


In today's fast-paced digital world, staying ahead of product trends is crucial for any business aiming to thrive. The platforms and sites we've discussed offer invaluable insights and tools to help you discover the latest and most relevant products in your industry. Whether you're leveraging search engines, social media, or specialized trend discovery sites like Trend Hunter and Ecomhunt, the key is to stay informed and adaptable. By integrating these resources into your business strategy, you'll not only keep up with the ever-changing market but also inspire innovation and growth. So, dive into these platforms and start exploring the endless possibilities they offer. Your next big product idea could be just a click away.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trend Hunter?

Trend Hunter is an online community of global members who are interested in sharing and inspiring the newest trends.

What does Trend Watching do?

Trend Watching is an independent firm of professionals from around the globe who track and analyze emerging trends.

What type of content does Springwise offer?

Springwise offers a newsletter full of free new trend data and ideas from worldwide submissions.

Who is Cool Material aimed at?

Cool Material is a discovery site for men’s product trends and consumer goods.

How does Ecomhunt help with product discovery?

Ecomhunt is a product curation website where trending products are added on a daily basis.

What kind of products does Uncrate focus on?

Uncrate focuses on curated men’s products, providing daily insights into new and interesting items.