Threekit's ISO 27001 Certificate: A Security Guarantee

Company meeting about implementing policies that comply with the companys ISO 27001 certificate

At Threekit, we work to maximize the security of information for our customers and employees. With so many hacking attempts and other malicious attacks taking place today, it's necessary for companies to do what they can to protect their data. Because of this philosophy, we guarantee security through our recently acquired  ISO 27001 certificate through the International Organization for Standardization.

Threekit receives ISO 27001 certificate

Lovesac Sectional Couch In our efforts to increase the security of data through our 3D product configuration platform, we have recently received the ISO 27001 certificate for our organization's security. 

Threekit passed with flying colors due to the company's ability to meet the requirements in place for data protection measures.

The full name of the ISO 27001 standard is "Information technology — Security techniques — Information security management systems — Requirements." It's the top international standard for organizations dedicated to maintaining information security. 

ISO started this certificate through a partnership with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), which also develops various international standards along with ISO. 

ISO 27001 is part of the ISO framework, which comprises various processes and policies that organizations of all types can use, regardless of industry or size. Organizations can receive the ISO 27001 certificate by adopting an Information Security Management System (ISMS) that successfully protects information using cost-effective, systematic means.

Why customers should care

This ISO certificate is critical for both our company and our customers for multiple reasons. 

ISO 27001 certification means that Threekit is capable of safely managing and protecting financial information, intellectual property and employee info. This means that we offer a truly secure platform for everyone inside and outside of the organization, from our employees to our end-users. 

Information is truly second nature to us. You can trust Threekit to store your data and take the appropriate measures to keep it safe. 

Our customers know that we are investing in the right people, processes and technology to protect data. In turn, you'll never need to worry about data compromises and the potential issues that can arise from them. 

You'll stay comfortable knowing that your information is always in good hands when you turn to Threekit. Having this particular certificate also gives us a proven edge against our competitors who don't take the same measures. 

As a result, this helps to enhance our reputation in the industry. Companies know that we're serious about preventing data breaches and the complications that come with them. In fact, this certification aligns our brand with other ISO 27001-certified organizations like Google, Microsoft and Amazon.

With the steps that we've taken to keep our company's, customers' and employees' data consistently secure, we aim to promote data security in our industry and beyond. 

Our job is not done, either. We continually work to improve security and prevent the many potential problems that can otherwise put our data at risk. This level of proactiveness keeps us on top of our security.

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Data security professional maintaining the standards of an ISO 27001 certificate

Keep your data secure with Threekit

suit customizer v2-gifAs our ISO 27001 certificate shows, Threekit is committed to protecting all of the data we collect and generate. Whenever you work with Threekit, you can take comfort in knowing your data is never at risk. To further make sure our data is consistently safe, we work toward updating our standards and practices. This means that we never risk falling behind in our data security measures. You can trust Threekit to provide you with a reliable and secure solution.