Threekit and inRiver Partner To Deliver the World’s First 3D and AR Product Information System (PIM)

Today, we’re helping inRiver roll out the world’s first PIM that can store and produce 3D and AR automatically across eCommerce, marketing, and more.

As people, we’ve become enamored with dynamic and engaging videos, images, and games. We spend time - though we don’t always love to admit it - on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Snapchat and we’ve come to expect that level of great visuals in shopping too.

But the problem is that when we’re buying online, often the visuals don’t meet expectations.

As a company, Threekit is fully dedicated to helping customers create amazing visual product experiences so that companies can be more successful.

One of the core tools that our customers use to serve up product assets are PIM’s. PIM has long made it easier for companies to serve up the relevant information, data and images wherever customers need them.

Today, 90% of what we process is visual and a few pictures and a wall of words isn’t going to convert. 3D and AR are being used by thousands of companies to create a more engaging and confidence-driving journey. 

Starting today, Threekit and inRiver customers can store and produce amazing 3D and AR content across web, email, marketing, and offline so that you can drive confidence, conversion, and operational efficiency. 

Getting started with Threekit and inRiver is simple - inRiver simply connects via a Threekit API and is then able to serve up the 3D and AR assets through the Threekit player. With Threekit’s technology, no code and no app is needed for AR to work.

"inRiver is always looking for ways to extend value for our customers and delivering 3D and AR capabilities from ThreeKit is going to be a game-changer for e-commerce teams," said Gauri Chawla, vice president, global alliances at inRiver. "Customers demand more from product information to help guide purchases and give confidence these days and this partnership delivers that."

We’re excited to partner with inRiver, one of the global leaders in PIM, to create this feature that will let customers automatically and scalable-y serve 3D and AR assets. To learn more contact or go to