Introducing Visual Commerce for Aftermarket Parts for Manufacturers

Threekit Visual Commerce is now offering interactive 3D parts visualization for manufacturers so that teams can efficiently select parts visually instead of by text or diagram drawing

Aftermarket parts and consumables - a $1T+ global industry - has long been a slow, costly, and frustrating manual process of sifting through unintelligible OEM part numbers, manuals, and diagrams.

Today, manufacturers are looking to automate and become more efficient at parts and service; not only as an important extension of the customer experience but also because it can be a profitable sales driver.

Modern industrial products have thousands of separate parts many of which sound and look similar. Finding the exact part out of thousands can be a challenge. The cost of picking the wrong part is long delays, costly service visits, and unhappy customers. 



A New Era of Visual Commerce for Aftermarket Parts Sales
Threekit, the Visual Commerce platform, visualizes purchasable parts, assemblies or consumables inside of manufactured products so that users can easily explore sections of products and visually select what they need and easily move it into purchase without dealing with confusing nomenclature. 

This digital twin of your product and parts lets customers visually see parts in context of the rest of the machine, select, and send parts wherever they need to be. When the person doing the servicing is more accurate and confident in selecting the exact right part, service speed and accuracy go up and wasted orders and lost time go down. 

When manufacturers and aftermarket parts makers provide a clear and interactive visual of every part, the cost to process an order, inventory risk, and customer service calls go down dramatically. 

"In a world where growth is harder to come by, aftermarket parts represent an incredible opportunity for manufacturers to deliver a better experience and grow sales and increase margins. With Threekit, manufacturers can deliver a 24/7 next generation visual commerce experience where users can be 100% sure they are selecting and buying the right part, fast," says Matt Gorniak, CEO of Threekit. 

Starting today support can get an immediate in-depth 3D rendering of the associated product and associated parts and how it is installed in the parent asset. Threekit can do this for every make and model to give your customers confidence in what they are selecting.