BigCommerce Digital Configurator Highlight: Lindsey Scoggins Studio

Buying the perfect engagement ring can be a difficult choice. Not only is it a significant investment, you also want to make sure that the ring reflects the uniqueness of your significant other and the depth of your love for each other.


lindsey scoggins ring customizer


For these reasons, the best engagement rings are those that are customized. 

Product customization is one of the easiest and fastest growing trends in the online retail market. Not only is it the key to serving your customer base, it is essential for delivering a personalized customer experience to each segment of users, can drive customer loyalty, and has been shown to increase customer satisfaction.

In fact, customers will pay a premium for customized items. One study found that they’ll pay as much as 20% more, and that they’ll also be more likely to recommend your business  or brand if customization features are offered. A Bain survey of more than 1,000 online shoppers found that while less than 10% have tried customization options, 25% to 30% are interested in doing so.

 ring configurator

Lindsey Scoggins Studio’s configurator offers a ring that fits everyone’s style and budget (


The ultimate BigCommerce product configurator can enable the customer to inform you exactly what they need. This is why innovative companies like Lindsey Scoggins Studio are this type of technology. So, why is Lindsey Scoggins Studio's engagement ring configurator the ultimate BigCommerce digital configurator? 


Background: Lindsey Scoggins Studio’s Story 

Lindsey Scoggins’ passion for jewelry began while she was in college. Her mother was gifted a collection of family jewelry that she redesigned and had made into beautiful rings that were presented to Lindsey and her sisters on each of their 21st birthdays. 

Despite pursuing a degree in architecture, Lindsey found that designing jewelry held some of the same elements as her studies: the uniting of beauty and integrity, the planning, the attention to detail. She then began working for North America's largest jewelry retailer, buying and sourcing diamonds, and traveled the world to develop relationships with jewelry manufacturers and diamond suppliers to ensure that every product sold by Lindsey Scoggins Studio was perfect for each customer.


ring configurator

Lindsey Scoggins Studio’s craftsmanship, combined with customization, wins customer loyalty (


Engagement ring shopping is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and there are plenty of things people wish they had known from the start. With its expansive history as a go-to jeweler for discerning clients, Lindsey Scoggins Studios realized the potential in providing made-to-order engagement rings that promote consumers' individuality and stand out from the crowd of me-too designs. 


The Solution: How Lindsey Scoggins Studio’s Digital Configurator Works

Threekit’s product configurator for jewelry and watches allowed Lindsey Scoggins Studio to create a high-quality 3D representation once, distribute it across multiple platforms and iterate off it for years to come. Designed by experienced visual effects software developers to be future-proof, the configurator provides real-time rendering of fully customizable rings, including various diamond shapes and sizes, band colors and styles, and settings.

The configurator is also designed with zoom capabilities. This feature allows you to enlarge the engagement ring you’ve created to see its specific features, like the band details, diamond details, setting details, and more. With Lindsey Scoggins Studio’s 3D product configurator, you can customize the perfect engagement ring in five simple steps.

 ring customization with lindsey scoggins

The starting page for customers to access the engagement ring configurator (


The customization process flows seamlessly from step 1 to step 5 by allowing you to build on what you’ve selected in the previous step.


Step 1: Choose a diamond shape 


ring customizer

Step 1 of Lindsey Scoggins Studio’s engagement ring configurator, to choose a diamond shape (


The first custom option is choosing the diamond shape for your custom engagement ring. You can choose from Round, Oval, Emerald, Cushion, and Asscher. Once you choose the diamond shape, you canclick on “next” at the bottom or the second icon on the left-hand menu to continue to step 2.


Step 2: Choose a setting style

 ring customizer for lindsey scoggins

Step 2 of Lindsey Scoggins Studio’s engagement ring configurator, to choose a setting style (


In the second step, you can customize your diamond engagement ring by choosing the setting for the diamond. These settings vary, based on the diamond shape you chose in step 1.  For example, if you chose the Emerald cut diamond, the setting style options are Classic, Wrapped Halo, Double Halo, Three Stone, Baguettes, or Trapezoid.


Step 3: Choose a band style


ring customizer for lindsey scoggins

Step 3 of Lindsey Scoggins Studio’s engagement ring configurator, to choose a band style (


Custom options in step 3 allow you to choose the type of band style for your made-to-order custom engagement ring. As with step 2, the options given are dependent on the prior options you chose. For example, if you chose the Baguette style setting, the only band options given are the Three Phases band in Slim style or the Three Phases band Three Row Pave. Had the Classic setting been chosen, there would be more band options, including Three Phases, Chance, Axis, or Links.


Step 4: Choose your metal color


ring customizer for lindsey scoggins

Step 4 of Lindsey Scoggins Studio’s engagement ring configurator, to choose a metal color (


For metal color selection, Lindsey Scoggins Studio offers three choices, including 18K Yellow Gold, 18K Rose Gold, or Platinum.


Step 5: Choose the diamond

  ring customizer for lindsey scoggins

Step 5 of Lindsey Scoggins Studio’s engagement ring configurator, to choose a diamond (


The final step in Lindsey Scoggins Studio’s configurator is choosing the diamond that will be featured in your custom engagement ring. You can shop by Carat, Color, Clarity, and Total Price, and each diamond can be viewed more closely with a 360-degree camera. You can also view the certification for the diamond, along with how the ring will look on a woman’s hand.


The Outcome: Why is Lindsey Scoggins Studio’s Customizer the Ultimate 3D Configurator?

The engagement ring customizer and its features enable customers to choose a ring that has the exact shape, setting, band, metal color, and diamond they want. When it comes to online shopping, user experience can influence the customer to purchase more than the quality of the product and the robustness of its features. For Lindsey Scoggins Studio’s engagement ring customizer to be truly the ultimate 3D configurator, it has to be easy to use and deliver an immersive shopping experience.