Beyond Booths: The Power of Emotional Connection at IBS 2024

The International Builders' Show (#IBS2024) is a whirlwind of innovation and inspiration. This year, the theme was clear: immersive experiences that differentiate.

Every brand was vying for attention, aiming to drive brand preference in a crowded marketplace. But some stood out, not just with their products, but with the stories they told.

Kohler: A Case Study in Emotional Connection

Walking through the Kohler booth was a revelation. It wasn't just about faucets and bathtubs; it was about a feeling. Kohler, which centered its legacy brand as well as its luxury brands like Robern, clearly understood that consumers, buyers, architects, builders and distributors all crave an emotional connection with a brand before they even begin the selection process. 


They didn't just display products; they created an elevated, multi-sensory brand experience that told the story of Kohler. Did I mention that it smelled like rosemary and lemon? 

This is the power of emotional connection. It's what separates selling faucets from selling experiences. It's what leaves a lasting impression, not just for the three days of the show, but for a lifetime.


My Product Is Special: How Do I Differentiate? 

We’ve talked emotional connection. Another connection brands must make is getting shoppers to understand their product and what makes it unique. 

Visual configurators allow your customers to feel the quality and explore the customization options. Therma-Tru brought this experience to their booth and it became an engagement magnet. 



What sets a high-end custom door apart? Turns out, a lot of things.

  • The quality of materials
  • The assembly
  • The innovation
  • The level of customization

And when it comes to driving brand preference, the ability to experience and understand the door as you shop for it. 

We’re proud to have helped them bring the experience to life for the biggest show of the year. Try it here.

Create Your “Digital Booth”: 24/7/365 Sales Machine

The show doesn't end at the Las Vegas Convention Center. 

There's another, more important show happening every single day: the digital experience.  The same audience you met at IBS is online, searching for that same emotional connection with your brand.  They're looking for a way to understand and experience your products during the sales process, which can last weeks or even months. This becomes your revenue machine, walking buyers through the journey, from brand discovery through purchase. 


Key takeaways from the show:

  • Immersive experiences are king. Go beyond static displays and engage your audience with interactive elements that tell your brand story.
  • Emotional connection matters. People don't just buy products; they buy experiences and the feelings those experiences evoke.
  • The digital showroom is always open. Create a digital experience that reflects the emotional connection you establish at live events.

We look forward to seeing you there next year!