Threekit and BigCommerce: The Future of eCommerce with 3D and AR

Today we’re announcing Threekit 3D and AR is live on the BigCommerce Apps Marketplace. Tens of thousands of BigCommerce merchants can now simply customize their products in 3D and AR and drive an improvement of 40% in conversion.



Since 2009, BigCommerce has made it easy for businesses to sell online. Today, more than 60,000 companies use BigCommerce, from SMBs to giant enterprises. BigCommerce is the #2 global SaaS platform for the top 1 million eCommerce sites in the world.

Check out Threekit on the BigCommerce Apps Marketplace.

If you have a product that's highly customizable or configurable, you've probably run into problems letting customers see your product in every single possible variation. Your customers are missing out.

Threekit lets you customize and visualize products with amazing 3D configuration, AR, and virtual photography.

Brands like Crate and Barrel, HP, Ciroc, and Taylor Made use Threekit to create billions of visuals to create a better customer experience and sell more.

Threekit has been proven to help online stores achieve the following:

  • Drive 40% increase in conversions
  • Reduce photography costs by 90%
  • Result in 80% fewer returns

With Threekit and BigCommerce, you can:

  • Enable customization, personalization, and configuration on BigCommerce in real time
  • Let shoppers see your products in augmented reality (AR) because Threekit lets BigCommerce customers show millions of potential product configurations in AR, right on their browser
  • Use the Threekit Virtual Photographer™️ to create photorealistic product images at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional photography
  • Reduce returns because customers are better able to view, explore, and customize your product in real time
  • Be up and running fast with a beautiful customized product experience

Threekit lets brands create high-quality, visually engaging eCommerce experiences, and now with the power of BigCommerce, merchants can customize their product in 3D and AR. We can’t wait to see what you build.

Want to see Threekit 3D and AR live on BigCommerce? Scan this QR code with your phone camera to see Threekit 3D and AR with BigCommerce.



To learn more about Threekit and our integrations into BigCommerce, check out out Threekit for BigCommerce. We also integrate with eCommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, Salesforce, and WooCommerce.