Announcing the Partnership of Threekit and

Combining’s headless configuration engine and Threekit’s product visualization tools, brand can now offer best-in-class online and direct selling experiences.

There's never been a more important time for sales and eCommerce teams to deliver amazing product experiences.

In a world where 57%of customers have stopped buying from a brand because one of its competitors provided a better experience -- there is an urgency to deliver. 

That said, companies with sophisticated or highly customizable products often find it challenging to deliver exceptional experiences. Lots of attributes, and large sets of rules and constraints means can cause challenges. 

We have partnership with Logik to alleviate the challenge of visualizing highly custom products, fast. By combining the power of’s high-performance advanced product logic capabilities with Threekit’s visual commerce capabilities, our customers can deliver incredible configurable 3D/AR experiences in real time.

Having a visual is incredibly important to building trust with a customer.  We’re thrilled to be partnering with so that now, our customers will be able to take all of their products, no matter how sophisticated, and be able to not only configure them but to see them in real time.

In 2022, it's estimated that $7.4T worth of B2C and B2B commerce will happen digitally and shoppers are searching for a more effective way to experience products online and buy with confidence. 

“The wait between sales calls for a quote confirmation or price or renders is the new deal killer,” said Chris Shutts, CEO of “This partnership gives our customers super powers to deliver the kind of buying experience that everyone wants: interactive, accurate, and fast.” 

Customers are able to setup advanced visual configuration by establishing their configuration rules and product attributes in Those rules are then passed on to the Threekit platform where end-users can configure products in real time in 3D or Augmented reality in the ThreeKit interface on the customer’s web or eCommerce experience.