4 New Year's Resolution Marketing Ideas With SAP Product Configuration

Shopper finding custom workout gear through an SAP product configuration tool

As the new year approaches, many shoppers are likely to set certain New Year's resolutions. If you want to market to these consumers and establish a strong connection with them, SAP product configuration can give you a unique way to do so.

For 2021, one survey found that 31% of participants planned to make resolutions. The bulk of these resolutions were for improving fitness and exercise, losing weight, cutting down on expenses and eating better. 

If your business falls in those categories or others, you can use an SAP product configurator to generate excitement and develop compelling New Year's marketing campaigns.

By offering configurable products through an SAP product configuration solution, you'll be able to engage audiences and show them how you can help them achieve their resolutions for 2022.

Around 12.23% of Americans with resolutions don't believe they'll achieve them. But you can differentiate yourself from competitors by helping convince them that they can. 

In turn, you'll be able to drive more conversions and sales around New Year's.

Use New Year's resolutions marketing strategies to get started.

1. Launch New and Exciting Products or Features

With the end of the year closing in fast, one way to get audiences excited for the next year and self-improvement is to launch either a new product or feature that helps achieve certain goals.

For instance, a business selling custom fitness gear could research and develop a new product before the new year and start marketing it. 

But suppose you don't have the time or resources to launch an entirely new product. You could also release a new feature based on what past customers have liked.

Through social media, email marketing and other platforms, you could then build hype around this new product or feature release that brings people to your product pages. 

Using a fully-loaded SAP product configuration solution, customers will see high-fidelity product images. These images accurately represent every aspect of your new products or configurable add-on features.

Customers would be able to interact with 3D, 360-degree product visualizations. This takes the eCommerce experience to a whole new level. 

Also, as mentioned, one of the most common New Year's resolutions is to save money. You can facilitate this with transparent pricing using a configure price quote (SAP CPQ) feature. 

During configuration, the CPQ element would update pricing in real time based on the customer's customization choices. This could more effectively move them to the checkout page after customizing their product.

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2. Highlight Best-Selling Products

One of the key benefits of a reliable SAP product configuration tool is the ability to collect data about customer interactions on the SAP back end. Based on how people use your configurator and what sells, marketers in your back office can determine which products or SAP variant configurations perform the best.

As you build out your New Year's resolutions marketing strategies, your marketing team can use this information to help guide your campaigns. They can also build a knowledge base of customer trends and best marketing practices to start 2022 strong.

For example, your fitness company may discover that people prefer a particular product model with a specific add-on feature. In your ads and other marketing content, you could push these products and configurations to attract new customers who are likely to prefer those items.

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3. Focus Campaigns on Self-Improvement

Remember, people's New Year's resolutions are mostly focused on self-care and improvement efforts. People want to be better versions of themselves in the years ahead. You can appeal to this in your marketing strategies.

You can gear your marketing efforts toward self-improvement by using different word choices when addressing your audience. Your ads, blog posts, social media posts and product pages should be formulated to your core market segments. 

Take the example of a fitness company offering custom gear. In ads highlighting bestselling or new products, the messaging could invite customers to "treat themselves" or "achieve their exercise goals" with the help of these products. 

If you can show that you value your customers' resolutions and want to help them achieve the goals they've set, this will go a long way in driving both engagement and sales ahead of the new year.

4. Entice Customers With New Year's Deals

Couple looking at New Years resolution deals through an SAP product configuration tool

In addition to pushing new items, focusing on bestsellers and catering to self-improvement efforts, you can attract even more sales by offering New Year's deals. 

Select certain products to offer a discount on. This could also include some of your most popular items that your customers love. If you offer complex products with multiple features, you could discount specific features within your SAP product configuration engine. 

By reducing the price for certain individual features, people may also add more of them to a base product, which can lead to bigger sales. 

Before launching New Year's discounts and beginning the sales period, be sure to advertise them well across all platforms. 

On social media, you could let your followers know that a big sale is coming. Through email marketing, you could also hint at what kinds of deals people will enjoy based on their previous purchases.

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Use Threekit to Help Prepare Your Marketing for the New Year

If you want to get the most from your New Year's marketing campaigns, then a good SAP product configuration tool can provide you with an invaluable asset that boosts engagement, trust and sales, all while integrating seamlessly with your SAP CRM.

For one of the best tools available, consider implementing Threekit's comprehensive platform. Our solution comprises three different solutions that combine to create the perfect configurator. 

Using virtual photography, we can capture your products. Next, we convert them into high-quality 2D and 3D product visuals that accurately convey every feature, color and texture. We then place these images in an interactive product configurator that's compatible with SAP Commerce Cloud. 

To further immerse customers in the eCommerce experience, another SAP integration we can provide is augmented reality (AR). This functionality would enable customers to view products in their space. Then they'll get a better feel for their overall look and size once purchased.

Each of these features contributes to a complete sales configuration solution that replicates the in-store shopping experience. 

Want to learn more about Threekit's capabilities? Reach out to us and we'll show you how our solution can help your business through the new year and beyond.