Augmented Reality in Business

AR is far more than a trend. It powers immersive eCommerce experiences that drive sales.

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Augmented reality is how custom products sell themselves.

Self-guided journeys give customers more confidence and augmented reality takes the guesswork out of the shopping experience. When customers are confident, they’re more likely to buy.

Turn your customers' homes into your virtual showrooms.

Shoppers make the majority of purchases from their desktop or mobile device. Today, people expect to do more than browse at home. They expect an opportunity to see a product in their space. Augmented reality makes that possible

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How is augmented reality used in business?


Virtual Product Experiences

While today’s shoppers prefer buying online, they still want the benefits of seeing what’s available as if it were right in front of them. Augmented reality is the digital equivalent of touching and inspecting a product right off the shelf.


Sales Acceleration

Augmented reality enables customers to give products a virtual test-drive to ensure it’s exactly what they have in mind. This results in a more positive buying experience for the customer and reduced returns for businesses.


Brand Differentiation

There’s something magical about seeing a 3D rendering of something that isn’t actually there. While augmented reality is a tool with helpful functions, it also gives a brand more premium feel.

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Curious about how Threekit augmented reality helps businesses?

Here's what we get asked about the most:

App-less Augmented Reality 

Threekit’s is a native AR experience, no download necessary. 

Platform Integration

Threekit works seamlessly with all major eCommerce platforms, so our augmented reality feature “just works” no matter the one you’re on.  Learn more

360-Degree Product Views

Not only can you see products in your space, you can spin to see them from every angle. Learn more

Guided Selling 

AR is the best way to bring a customizable product to life and close the deal for B2B sellers.

Getting Started with Augmented Reality for Business

Threekit makes augmented reality for business easy. Here’s how it works:

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step one

Import or Create Files

The whole process starts with files, and we’ll work with what you have. You can import a 3D or CAD file. If you don’t have those, we’ll build a 3D file from representative photos and materials that you send to our team.

step two

Plug into the Platform

Once in-hand, we import your 3D files into the platform as models, materials, and assets. We then use rules from your product catalog to create parameters for how a customer can configure the product on your site.

step three

Go Live

We place the player on your website with a built-in user interface and the augmented reality feature turned on and ready to go.

Configuration + Augmented Reality in Business: a Demo

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We integrate seamlessly with leading platforms.