Augmented Reality for Online Shopping

Make shoppers feel more confident with an innovative sales tool. Enable customers to view their custom products in a real-world space to encourage more sales.

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A reliable AR solution for online stores and retailers.

66% of consumers are more confident in their purchases when they can use an AR feature.

Provide your customers with the ideal customer experience that entices them to buy.

Learn About How AR Boosts Sales

Why Augmented Reality for Online Shopping?


AR keeps shoppers engaged and satisfied.

Being able to project 3D models of products in real-time using an AR app is a one-of-a-kind experience. You can impress your customers and show them precisely what they're getting with augmented reality.


Shoppers can instantly realize custom products.

While there are plenty of AR experiences that enable people to "try on" or "try out" virtual products, our unique AR shopping solution is the only one that allows customers to see fully customized products in the real world as soon as they've created them.


It works on mobile devices and browsers.

For augmented reality to work for eCommerce, it needs to be a seamless part of your customer experience. Threekit AR is compatible with both smartphones and web browsers, without the need to install an app.

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Want to understand more about Threekit's augmented reality platform? Let’s get to it.

People also ask about…

App-less Augmented Reality 

Threekit’s is a native AR experience, no download necessary. 

Platform Integration

Threekit works seamlessly with all major eCommerce platforms, so our augmented reality feature “just works” no matter the one you’re on.  Learn more

360-Degree Product Views

Not only can you see products in your space, you can spin to see them from every angle. Learn more

Guided Selling 

AR is the best way to bring a customizable product to life and close the deal for B2B sellers.

Increased Customer Satisfaction & Decreased Product Returns

If you can effectively show how your products might look and "feel" in real-life with a virtual try-on or visualization, people are likely to get exactly what they're looking for, which leads to fewer product returns. Shoppers won't get something they didn't expect, which will ensure they aren't dissatisfied with their purchase at a later point. You're also more likely to see a reduction in abandoned shopping carts. 

A reduction in product returns will translate to savings on restocking, shipping, and repackaging expenses that are often higher with returns. Customers are also willing to spend more on products that are fully customizable.

Improved Emotional Connections with Shoppers

With a personalized shopping experience using AR, customers will develop a stronger emotional bond with your brand and products. As they project products in physical spaces in real-time, customers will begin to feel as though the product is truly theirs before purchasing it.

More Interactivity = More Shares

AR functionality for your business can make it fun for customers to create fully customized products on their Apple iPhones, Androids, or other devices. In the process, your AR tool can essentially function as its own digital marketing campaign, allowing people to interact with your brand in a new and exciting way. As customers create new custom products using the many options available, they may also feel compelled to share their creations on social media. In turn, you'll benefit from free promotion as customers encourage others to buy from you.

An In-Store Experience, Brought Home

Throughout the pandemic, social distancing and general hygiene became of great concern. As shoppers were forced to stay at home, they sought the experience of shopping at a brick-and-mortar store while shopping online. Augmented reality apps, along with virtual reality, made it possible for customers to enjoy a similar experience at home while keeping them safe. Even after the effects of the pandemic and accompanying restrictions, many people are still going to be eager to shop online more regularly, making AR ideal for businesses that want to thrive in the future of retail.

What are some other benefits of AR for online shopping?

Getting Started with Augmented Reality

You might be wondering “How does this whole thing work?” It comes down to three steps.

step one

Import or create files.

The first step entails either importing or creating image files for your products, in which case we will work with what you currently possess. If you don't have any image files, we can develop a new 3D image based on sample photos and materials that our team receives from you.

step two

Plug into the platform.

Once we have the image files we need, we can import them into the Threekit platform as a selection of materials, assets, and models. Based on your catalog's rules, we will then use these images to create parameters that enable customers to create fully customized product configurations. As you add new products, our software makes it easy to import your images and update your store's product catalog accordingly.

step three

Go live.

With the configurable options set up and the AR tool ready to go, we can place the player on your product pages with a built-in user interface. Simply turn on the AR feature and it'll be a part of your online store experience.

We serve a wide range of industries.

Depending on our clients' individual needs, we can provide them with the best tool to help them visualize their products. Whether they're in a B2C or B2B industry, there are many ways our customers can use our AR solution to optimize the customer experience. Products can be large or small, simple or infinitely complex—it doesn't matter what you require. At Threekit, we can meet and exceed your needs.

Try our Configurable AR feature to see your customized product brought to life. 

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