3D Configurator for a Wedding Band

Customize gold and silver wedding bands in 3D and spin a full 360 degrees using Threekit’s interactive 3D product configurator and viewer. 

Why You Should Used a 3D Configurator for a Wedding Band

Savvy shoppers know they can save up to 50 percent by buying their wedding bands or engagement rings online, but it can be difficult for folks looking for these timeless pieces of jewelry to make a decision without having the product in hand.

To bolster consumer confidence and help move shoppers to purchase, online retailers can use Threekit’s interactive 3D configurator. This technology allows shoppers to customize and personalize a rendering of the ring they’re considering in real time, helping them preview their custom jewelry before purchase.

Personalize and Preview Wedding Rings in 3D

The 3D product configurator gives shoppers several options to tailor their wedding ring’s design, size, and style to their needs. Customers can choose between silver, gold, and platinum before selecting a style. Whether someone wants a beveled wedding ring or a more classic design, it’s easy to toggle between each of the options in the product configurator, which will update the digital rendering in real time.

Shoppers can also inspect how each element of the ring looks in different sizes by adjusting the width and height of the band. Of course, it can be helpful to see a 3D model of most products in 360 degrees, but for a custom item like a wedding band, this detailed preview is essential to building consumer confidence and confirming that they’re getting the ring they’ll want to wear for the rest of their life.

Enable Your Audience to View Custom Wedding Rings in 360 Degrees

As the market for online jewelry grows, customers are looking for the best deals and the best customer experience. Whether they’d like to see what an inscription would look like or they’re just interested in confirming that the plain gold band they’re about to order looks the way they’ve always dreamed it would, being able to see a photorealistic rendering goes miles beyond the CAD files most customers are used to.

Threekit’s interactive product viewer gives shoppers access to their custom wedding ring in 360 degrees, which helps establish a clear expectation of what they’ll receive. Getting this right is tremendously important, as 64.2 percent of online shoppers report that they make a return when “items don’t match the description or expectations.”

Exceeding customer expectations is the backbone of a great online shopping experience. The good news is that Threekit’s 3D jewelry configurator and viewer delivers an exceptional experience to customers wherever they are, whenever they’re ready to buy.

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