Product Configurator for a Sneaker

With our interactive configurator, you can actually create and "tour" a custom shoe. Spin it around, study the sole, and even peek inside to see a shoe like you never have before. 

Why You Should Have a 3D Viewer of a Shoe

Sneaker culture touches just about everyone. From sneakerheads to athletes to those just looking for a comfortable walking shoe, the athletic shoe category draws in consumers of all ages and lifestyles from all over the world.

Shopping for sneakers is a highly visual experience: walking in to any Nike or Adidas store is a sensory treat for your eyes. Now, thanks to Threekit’s 3D product configurator, shoppers can have that same visual immersion online and browse through a wealth of different styles to find the perfect sneaker.

A 3D Sneaker Model Gives Customers a 360 Degree Design View

Much of what makes sneakers such a beloved clothing purchase for many shoppers is their brilliant designs – and all of the elegant details that make up a high-quality shoe. 

Whether a customer is interested in a pair of sneakers for fashion, function, or both, they want a close-up view of the details: the different colorways, the fabric, the soles, the laces, and any customizable features. A 3D model lets them zoom in and out on these elements as they rotate the shoe to any angle. 

According to recent market research, shoppers spend more time interacting with 3D imagery when looking at a product: 82 percent of page visitors activated the feature, and 95 percent preferred the 3D view to a video playback. Customers will choose a 360 degree view of a pair of sneakers over a static photo or video any day – it’s the best way to fully appreciate their design.

Real-Time 3D Renderings Make Online Shopping for Sneakers More Fun

Shoppers want to have fun while they browse sneakers. Looking at all sorts of colors and styles should be an enjoyable activity by itself, especially if shoppers don’t have something specific in mind to look for. 

Research shows that high image quality builds trust among shoppers. When they trust that the visuals they interact with are realistic and capture every angle of a shoe, it’s likely that they’ll want to continue viewing different styles – and maybe save a different pair of sneakers for later. 

Plus, a 3D model works best when a product is highly customizable, and that’s often the case for athletic shoes. When shoppers have the option to add custom details to a sneaker and visualize them in real time, that’s not only fun to play around with – but a great reason to add those shoes to their shopping cart.

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