Customize a Rolex watch using Threekit’s interactive 3D product configurator and 360° viewer. Zoom, spin and swap finishes. 

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When folks are looking for a statement timepiece, they carefully consider the watch face and the band – every detail adds to the cumulative visual effect. But watch shopping online can be a challenge when customers only have a few still images to consider, especially if they’re looking at a customizable Rolex Daytona watch for men.

Preview a Customized Rolex Daytona Watch from Every Angle

The good news is that online retailers can now access the technology to show their customers exactly how a customizable luxury item looks from wherever they’re shopping. Threekit’s 3D product configurator allows shoppers to carefully examine the Rolex Daytona men’s watch in a 360 viewer.

Because the 3D product configurator renders images in real time, customers can preview the customizable watch in whatever configuration they want to see, whenever they want to see it. The 3D product configurator can display all three available metal options (steel, gold, or both) in 360 degrees. It also allows shoppers to zoom in or out as they rotate the model, homing in on the minute details that make a Rolex watch a Rolex. 

Improve Customer Confidence in Their Luxury Watch Purchase

The interactive 360 viewer also allows customers to preview personalizations like inscriptions from every angle. Providing a realistic rendering of the exact product a customer will receive boosts customer confidence and can help reduce cart abandons (i.e. increase conversions). 

Unlike a CAD file that some jewelers might offer those hoping for a custom design, Threekit’s interactive models show your customers a luxury watch that looks exactly like the one they’ll receive after purchase. Research shows that consumers tend to spend more in stores than online, but online retailers may be able to reverse this trend by providing interactive 3D views of luxury items.

Personal timepieces are an investment that people don’t take lightly: luxury watches can communicate a lot about someone’s personal style across every outfit that they wear. One of the benefits of buying a luxury Rolex Daytona watch is knowing that every detail is perfectly crafted, and in Threekit’s interactive 3D product configurator, your customers won’t have to guess at what the watch will look on their wrist.

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