3D Configurators for Boxes and Packaging

Customize the foil color and material of a box and spin a full 360 degrees using Threekit’s interactive 3D product configurator and viewer.

Why You Should Use a 3D Configurator for Boxes and Packaging

That old saying about how you can’t judge a book by its cover just isn’t true of products and their boxes. Boxes and packaging are carefully engineered aspects of a brand’s product marketing efforts, and the way you show these to your customers online will impact your sales.

Customers who would stand in the beauty aisle and read the entire back of the box want to be able to do the same thing before placing an item in their digital shopping cart. You can provide this experience with Threekit’s 3D product configurator.

Let Shoppers Customize Packaging Renderings in Real Time

Packing is serious business, and your customers will want to be able to see how each of their options looks on the final product.

In the 3D product configurator, folks can preview boxes and packages with different finishes and touches. For the finish of the paper, viewers can choose…

  • Matte.
  • Semi-gloss.
  • Gloss.

You can also give them the option to add foil finishes and underlays (in gold or silver), if you’re looking to introduce a reflective element to the packaging piece.

Reduce Returns By Showing Your Customers a 3D Rendering of Their Packaging

A recent Statista report found that 64.2 percent of online shoppers make a return when “items don’t match the description or expectations.” For those selling packaging, there’s no clearer directive: You must show customers what they’ll be getting when the product arrives at their door, or you’ve lost a customer and you’ll likely have to cover the cost of the returns.

Packaging is all about providing customers with an excellent visual experience, and being able to spin a rendering 360 degrees lets customers confirm that their design matches the product when it’s folded into its final box shape.

Display Shipping Boxes and Packaging From Every Angle in the 360 Viewer

The products that are best suited for 3D renderings are the ones you’re trying to sell – no product is too complex or too simple to deserve 3D treatment. Today’s shoppers expect to be able to see a photorealistic image of the product they’re looking at, and they interact with the 3D models when they’re available.

Threekit is product visualization software that creates photorealistic imagesinteractive 3D and augmented reality experiences that help businesses sell more. To learn more, please schedule some time with one of our teammates.