3D Configurator for High Heel Shoes

Customize the color and fabric of these high heel shoes using Threekit's interactive 3D product configurator. Then give them spin, look inside and get a feel for how they'd look on your own foot. 

Why You Should Have a 3D High Heel Configurator

Have you ever been accused of owning too many shoes? You’re not alone. Back in 2013, a Time poll found that American men own an average of 12 pairs, while women own an average of 27 pairs. While these numbers aren’t particularly fresh, it’s hard to imagine the rise in online shopping has decreased the number of shoes the average consumer has in their home.

Last year, online retailer Zappos generated more than a billion dollars in gross sales, of which 80 to 85 percent was shoes. The market for shoes – including high heels and dress shoes – is huge, but it’s hard to replace the in-store experience for shoe shoppers who prefer to try their shoes on in person.

To provide your customers with the best possible online shopping experience when they’re looking for high heel shoes, dress shoes, or sandals, use Threekit’s interactive 3D product configurator to showcase your available inventory in 360 degrees.

Wow Shoppers with Previews of Customized High Heels and Dress Shoes Online

While there’s no “right” product for 3D rendering, some products do look great in a 360 viewer. High heel shoes are beautiful objects, and shoppers appreciate the ability to inspect every detail online (not just the height of the heel!).

Threekit’s interactive 3D product configurator allows shoppers to choose which material they’d like for the upper (leather, patent leather, or plastic) and then see exactly how that material looks on the product. From there, customers can select from a range of colors.

For those shopping for specific prints like tiger or zebra, it can be helpful to preview how that fabric and any patterns will lay on the shoe itself. And helping customers find what they want leads to conversions, whether that’s in-store or online.

Showcase Your High Heel and Dress Shoe Inventory in 3D

US consumers spend nearly $30 billion each year in footwear and revenue tops $52 billion globally. Earlier this year, research firm IBISWorld published a prediction that online revenue from footwear sales will increase 6.3 percent year-over-year, reaching $19 billion by 2023.

In a market with so much opportunity, one of the challenges of marketing footwear online is that webpages are quickly cluttered with options, which can easily overwhelm online shoppers. Footwear is a dynamic category that can be hard to present, but customizable 3D renderings make shoe shopping easy (and fun) to navigate.

As the opportunity in this vertical grows, make the most of the space on your retail website reserved for product images with a 3D product configurator.

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