3D Configurator for an Engagement Ring

You'll rarely make a more personal purchase than a piece of jewelry. Whether a gift to yourself or someone you love, it needs to feel personal to whoever is going to be wearing it.  With this added layer of purchase pressure, 3D configuration goes a long way in instilling buyer confidence, engagement, and ultimately, purchase. 

Why You Should Use a 3D Configurator for an Engagement Ring

If you’re selling engagement rings online, you’re probably used to touting the many advantages (including saving up to 50 percent on the ticket price) to your customers. But it’s also likely that there are engagement ring buyers whom you haven’t yet convinced that online is the way to go. Enter the engagement ring 3D configurator.

By including a 3D product configurator on your engagement ring product pages, you give customers the opportunity to build and view their dream engagement ring in real time.

Customize and View Engagement Rings in 360 Degrees

Engagement rings are often among the most personal and costliest purchases people make in their lives. Because of that, shoppers want two things: full control over what their ring will look like and the ability to see exactly what they’re getting before they make the purchase.

Product configurators fulfill both of these desires. First, they let shoppers construct their perfect engagement ring, choosing their metal (yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, silver, platinum, etc.) and stone (diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire, etc.).

Then, 3D configurators offer a full, 360-degree view of the ring. That’s right: after configuring an engagement ring online, shoppers can spin it in every direction, zoom to see details, and then adjust anything that doesn’t look exactly as they want it to.

Give Your Shoppers the Confidence to Buy Engagement Rings with a 3D Product Demo

One reason people may be reluctant to buy an engagement ring online is that traditional online shopping experiences don’t let them see exactly what they’re getting. And when a product arrives and doesn’t meet a customer’s expectations or the product description, 64.2 percent will return that product.

With a 3D product demo that lets shoppers not only configure the exact ring they want but also spin it a full 360 degrees to see it from every angle, you can give shoppers the confidence they need to click “buy” – even for expensive items like engagement rings and wedding bands.

What’s more, by offering this immersive 3D experience, you’re actually creating a better, more convenient, and more fun way to shop for engagement rings than the current online standard: still images and (at best) CAD renderings of custom designs. 

By using a 3D demo and viewer to show customers exactly what they’ll get, you’re offering something that’s more helpful than anything else that’s available online or in person. When you’re ready to delight your customers with the power of 360 imaging, check out Threekit’s 3D product configurator.

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