Product Configurator for a Carry-On

With our interactive 360 degree 3D viewer, you can actually "tour" a carry-on.

Benefits of a Carry-on Luggage Product Configurator

When shoppers look for carry-on luggage, they want to be able to visualize traveling with it. From rolling it through a busy airport to putting it in the airplane’s storage bins – every detail is important in the purchasing process.  However, shopping for carry-on luggage online can be difficult.  It’s hard to gather from photos what a product looks like from all angles, and the small benefits it might offer to make airports more easily navigated.  

There are several advantages to using a product configurator in this case:

1) It allows the shopper to preview the luggage from every angle

Because the 3D configurator renders images in real time, customers can preview the carry-on in whatever design or color pattern they want to see, whenever they want to see it. The product configurator can show multiple colors or carry-on sizes in 360 degrees. It also allows shoppers to zoom in or out as they rotate the model, honing in on the details and features that make their purchasing decision easier.  

2) You won’t lose any visual quality

Carry-on luggage is a significant investment, especially higher-end brands with features like lightweight materials, telescopic handles, and built-in brake systems.

The good news is that online retailers can now access 3D technology to show their customers every aspect of the carry-on luggage they are shopping for, from its individual features to its color selection, in high resolution.

3) It improves customer confidence in their purchase

Shoppers are wary about buying carry-on luggage online because the wrong choice can ruin vacation plans or result in damage to what’s stored inside. But the interactive 360 viewer allows customers to preview features and color choices, making them feel more confident in their purchase. Providing a realistic rendering of the exact product a customer will receive boosts customer confidence and can help reduce cart abandons (i.e. increase conversions). 

Unlike a CAD file that some luggage retailers might offer, Threekit’s interactive models show your customers carry-on luggage that looks exactly like what they’ll receive after purchase. Research shows that consumers tend to spend more in stores than online, but online retailers may be able to reverse this trend by providing interactive 3D views of items.