Traditional product photography is dead. It takes a lot of time and money to physically shoot a select few product configurations that cannot be changed afterward. ThreeKit gives you full flexibility at a fraction of the cost with computer generated images that are so realistic, you can’t tell the difference between CGI and a real photo.

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Create a photorealistic image with the click of a button and update online product images in real time. No lead time to find a studio or a photographer. And your product galleries will still load quickly—you can generate dozens of perfect product renders on the same page in an instant.



Less Expensive

Save on studios, photographers, and product presentations. Create assets once and use them in all configurations at no extra cost. You can also sell without a prototype by importing your manufacturing files, applying materials, and rendering perfect product shots before your product has been manufactured.



More Flexible

Change product materials and colors on the fly and update your high resolution images instantly, or create multiple-angle product shots. You are not limited by which product permutations were shot before.

Types of Photorealistic 2D

See the difference?

In recent years, the quality of Computer Generated Images (CGI) has improved drastically and now rivals studio photography. But there is one major difference: you can easily change the color, texture, fabric, light, or composition of the CGI model. With 3D models on your website, you can create as many product shot angles as you wish.

ThreeKit uses our photorealistic webGL-based renderer for picture perfect thumbnails and product marketing images that bring you one step closer to interactive products. And the same 3D models that are used to render product shots can also be live-embedded into interactive 3D or VR experiences.


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What is CGI for eCommerce?

CGI for eCommerce is a cost reduction method of replacing studio photography with computer generated images. The added value of CGI versus studio photography is limitless permutations of those images.

With new catalogs, products, materials, and fabrics coming out every month, quarter or year, recreating those same photorealistic renders is a click of a button. Our system can generate thousands of thumbnail images at a fraction of the cost of traditional photography or V-Ray renders. Create highly realistic product shots in real time with ThreeKit.

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Platform Overview

Build and manage dynamic product experiences so you can sell more, faster.

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Why ThreeKit

Our clients trust in a unified visualization platform to manage, configure, and dynamically render their ever-changing product catalogs.

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