Often, product visuals are in a silo – and that's a problem because your customers want an engaging end-to-end experience. 

This webinar is designed to give you a roadmap for how to enable your sales, marketing, and product teams to create a better customer experience and improve sales. 

Led by Threekit product marketing director, Hilary Murdock and solution engineering director Phil Bredeson, this webinar will provide you with:

  • An understanding of how to use visuals to appeal to your customers – whether they're at the awareness stage, consideration stage, or already customers.
  • How to use product visual data to improve your product planning
  • Use cases for visual selling – from display ads and eCommerce to in-store and up-selling

We look forward to welcoming you.  

Hosted By: 



Phil Bredeson

Hilary Murdock
Director of Product Marketing

Phil Bredeson
Director, Solution Engineering