Case Study


If you’ve ever watched a kid get a toy, play with it for five minutes and then forget about it, then you’re probably a good fit for Modarri, the “Ultimate Toy Car”.


Modarri Toy Cars let kids from ages 3 to 98 build their own dream car, with real suspension and steering, incredible style options, a variety of colors and more. It’s an immersive experience with online and offline elements that keep kids creating, exploring and racing.


Started in 2014 by three toy industry veterans, Modarri was born because so many toys have “low play value”;  they’re played with once and then discarded to the corner of the room. Modarri cars are built to maximize their self-defined “play value” -- the level of fun multiplied by the total hours of play.

As Modarri started selling online, they recognized that when buyers could actually engage with their product they are much more likely to buy it. 

Customization and robust configuration is what makes these cars fun, and simple images fall flat for their audience.

Moddari wanted a 3D experience that let their customers experience their product as if it were real: every color, every configuration, every last angle. 


When Modarri decided to build a 3D configurator, they searched widely looking for solutions. After talking to various designers and agencies, they came to Threekit.

Modarri wanted to make a future proof product. If a customer wanted to make a change, such as a new color or additional off-road suspension, the car should instantly reflect those changes. This wouldn’t work if - for every change - they would need costly and manual design work.  Threekit also plugged into their WooCommerce shopping cart, which was a major plus.  

The quality of designs was one of the most critical elements. Threekit excelled at making the colors, shapes, and textures look life-like, using Hollywood-level CGI technology. This was critical because a sense of “realness” drives engagement and engagement leads to buying. 

A final key aspect was mobile since a high percentage of Modarri users visit the online Modarri customizer on their phone while in-store. It’s critical to be able to offer a fast, mobile-friendly experience and Threekit is built mobile-first to ensure that the 3D configuration is seamless across every device.


In January 2020, Modarri cars will go live in select Wal-Mart stores across the country allowing more kids across the country the chance to build, customize, and explore the “Ultimate Car” in different ways. 

The future is bright for the Threekit and Modarri partnership, with the “Ultimate Toy Car” line posed to expand it’s Threekit functionality to potentially include configurable race tracks and garages.

As the business continues to grow and create an offline and online experience where customers can build, discover, and build a community of cars -- Modarri and Threekit will continue a partnership of success.