3D101: When does a pilot make sense?

For companies that are new to 3D, it can feel like you are wading into unfamiliar territory.  Questions arise: How do we know this will work for our business? Will we be able to increase our conversion rates and web traffic? Are we in a position to fulfill an increased number of orders?
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A simple guide to high performing 3D models for e-commerce

You may be asking yourself,  “What gives? I’ve been watching movies in 3D for over 20 years—performance is an issue with 3D?”
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4 reasons you are ready for a 3D e-commerce project

  Updated May 5th, 2019 Congratulations!  You’ve decided that you want to transform your customer's buying journey and draw your audience in with interactive 3D product experiences.  You know that putting your customer in the driver’s seat will lead to increased brand loyalty, improved conversion rates, and accelerated revenue growth.
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