3D Configurator for a T-Shirt

Customize different t-shirt designs with Threekit’s interactive 3D product configurator and 360° viewer. Zoom in and out to fully explore every detail. 

Why You Should Use a 3D Configurator for T-Shirts

The beauty of shopping for t-shirts online is that because the style is so standard, shoppers can focus on finding the unique designs they like. Better yet, they can customize their own tees to bring to life the exact shirt they had in mind. 

Still, customers want a sense of what their t-shirt will look like in real life before they make a purchase. 

Interactive 3D Models Boost T-Shirt Buyer Confidence

With Threekit’s 3D product configurator, shoppers can browse t-shirts online in the same way they’d thumb through a rack of tees in-store: they can look at every style from any angle. 3D models allow customers to virtually interact with different t-shirt designs before they choose their favorite. 

An interactive 360 viewer lets a shopper rotate an t-shirt in any direction – which makes it easy to check out a design on both the front and back of a shirt. Shoppers can also use the tool to zoom in on the little details that make a graphic tee design unique. 

Other e-commerce technologies can’t compete with the appeal of 3D models: 3D imagery market research found that 82 percent of visitors to a product page activate the 3D view, and 95 percent of respondents prefer an interactive 3D representation to video playback.  

The trustworthiness of 3D-rendered product visualization boosts boost buyer confidence. The same market research study found that conversion rates increased by almost 40 percent for products in categories that had been 3D digitized.

A 3D Product Configurator Brings Custom T-Shirt Designs to Life

Custom t-shirt purchases are on the rise: the market is expected to grow to $10 billion by 2025. Digital printing technology makes it easy to print any artwork or graphic file onto a garment,  meaning customers can pick from endless styles to make their own design. But first, they’ll want to visualize the final product of that drawing they want on put on a t-shirt, for instance.

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